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Installing Aircrack-ng for Windows:


Last Update: April 2010



Project Homepage:


NOTE: Only a relatively small number of Wireless cards are supported under the Windows version of Aircrack-ng .  See the Project Homepages compatibility list for full details.


NOTE: For the standard user we recommend not using greater than version aircrack-ng-0.9.3-win as aircrack-ng-1.0-win and above requires the use of cygwin and custom .dll files.



Ensure you have the appropriate windows monitor mode drivers installed for your card (not the standard drivers that came with your card).


Download for Windows from: 


Download which contains: PEEK.DLL, PEEK5.SYS and MSVCR70.DLL from


Extract to C:\


Extract (i.e. the files Peek.dll, Peek5.sys and msvcr70.dll) into the directory: C:\aircrack-0.9.3-win\bin


cd C:\aircrack-ng-0.9.3-win\bin


Run airodump-ng.exe or aircrack-ng GUI.exe and hopefully you'll have an interactive window to interact with your wireless card.


Job done : )


There is a nice troubleshooting guide on the project homepage if you have any issues:



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