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Airopeek is a commercial wireless network traffic and protocol analyser from Wildpackets, Inc.

Product homepage:

Airopeek offers multiple features for monitoring and trouble shooting wireless LANs, including:

  • Full decodes for 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g


  • A security audit template with pre-defined filters


  • Scan by channel, ESSID or BSSID


  • Displays of data rate, channel and signal strength for each packet


  • WEP decryption, on the fly (or offline)

Airopeek currently comes in 3 different flavours:


AiroPeek NX:

"Expert Wireless LAN Analyzer, provides network engineers with the expert diagnostics they need to deploy, secure, and troubleshoot wireless LANs." -Wildpackets


AiroPeek VX:

"Expert Voice over Wireless LAN Analyzer, offers a comprehensive solution for the deployment and maintenance of VoWiFi (Voice over wireless) by providing both wireless and VoIP diagnostics in real time." -Wildpackets


AiroPeek SE:

"AiroPeek SE, Wireless LAN Protocol Analyzer, is designed to identify and solve wireless network anomalies." -Wildpackets


More Airopeek:


HOWTO install the custom Airopeek drivers


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