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Installing WepAttack:

Project homepage:

The following installation process assumes that you are utilising the Auditing Laptop Build as described in the Auditing Laptop Build: HOWTO 

Download WepAttack-0.1.3.tar.gz from to /tools/wifi/

tar zxvf WepAttack-0.1.3.tar.gz

cd WepAttack-0.1.3/src


make install


wepattack (should now show the wepattack help)



Trouble shooting:


Whilst performing the make you receive the following error:


hcpd ath0gcc  -o wepattack wepattack.o rc4.o wepfilter.o log.o\

              modes.o misc.o verify.o keygen.o -lpcap -z -lcrypto

gcc:  log.omodes.o: No such file or directory

make:  *** [wepattack] Error 1


Edit Wepattack-0.1.3/src/Makefile, line 24, and add a space




$(LD)  $(LDFLAGS)  -o  $@  wepattack.o  rc4.o  wepfilter.o  log.o\




$(LD)  $(LDFLAGS)  -o  $@  wepattack.o  rc4.o  wepfilter.o  log.o  \



Now re-run make and all should be fine.



Installing WepAttack wordlist:

WepAttack also provides its own 31MB wordlist (wordlist.tar.gz) for download from this (or your own custom wordlist) should be downloaded to /tools/wifi/WepAttack-0.1.3/src

cd /tools/wifi/WepAttack-0.1.3/src

tar zxvf wordlist.tar.gz and you're done : )



Using JtR with WepAttack:

Whilst optional, if you wish to make use of John the Ripper (JtR) to expand your WepAttack audit  JtR will also need installing:

Download john-1.6.tar.gz from to /tools/wifi/

cd /tools/wifi

tar zxvf john-1.6.tar.gz

cd john/src

make linux-x86-mmx-elf

To allow us to run john from the WepAttack directory:

ln -s /tools/wifi/john-1.6/run/john  /tools/wifi/WepAttack-0.1.3/src

cp /tools/wifi/john-1.6/run/john.ini  /tools/wifi/WepAttack-0.13/src



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